As the renewable energy markets grow and assets change hands, transactional due diligence is triggered more frequently.

SEA can be counted on to provide the industry respected, well-informed, deep-dive, clear headed, and unbiased analysis that counterparties on either side of the transaction (or in some cases both sides of the transaction) need to have to consummate a deal.

As with all our analysis, our due diligence is founded on a deep and profound understanding of the current ecosystem (and contemplated changes to the ecosystem) in which the transaction takes place. Be it federal, state, and local rules, regulations, and incentives, wholesale electric market dynamics, retail electric market dynamics, REC market dynamics, interconnection queue issues, utility specific rules, rates, and regulations, impacts of clean energy and related policy initiatives (e.g., electrification, green hydrogen). Basically, understanding all the important drivers in the clean energy and clean energy adjacent domain.

With that foundation in place, we take a critical eye to all the assumptions that are part and parcel of financial pro formas. We ensure via meticulous QC that the financial model is mechanically working as intended. With that assurance in place, we delve deeply into what assumptions are reasonable, what are not, where is the risk and what is its potential impact. As applicable we will incorporate our own numeric custom, analysis, outlooks and forecasts, and other times provide reasonable bounds of assumptions.

SEA has provided transactional due diligence in support of:

  • Lenders to small and large solar and wind projects throughout the Northeast
  • Sponsors of solar and wind projects throughout the US
  • Buyers, sellers, and brokers of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

And while SEA’s specialties are financial, market, and policy analyses, we play well with others. So, if you need the complete array of project due diligence services, we are plugged into the industry leading electrical, civil, and environmental engineers, tax specialists, legal counsel, etc. and can bring them on to provide additional support, or glad to work with them in a sub-consultancy manner.

Our Transactional Due Diligence Experts

Jason Gifford

Senior Director

Tom Michelman

Senior Director, DER Practice Area Lead

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