SEA’s Wholesale Market services support clients by leveraging our expertise in wholesale energy, capacity and ancillary service markets and transmission interconnection and planning, including assistance in understanding, navigating and influencing the various ISO/RTO stakeholder processes, market rules and tariff provisions. We focus on issues pertinent to participation, economics, risks and opportunities for renewable energy and energy storage in the Northeast Regional Transmission Organizations (ISO-NE, NYISO, & PJM Interconnection).   We support clients to (i) provide incremental expertise in these complex markets, and/or (ii) enhance and extend the capabilities of bandwidth constrained internal experts.  Either way, SEA can serve as a force multiplier helping you get fluent, stay up-to-date and can help you both avoid traps or pitfalls and navigate unknowns.

SEA can provide support and expertise in the following areas:

  • Understanding Wholesale Market Structure and Design including:
    • Capacity market participation:
      • Completing capacity market show of interest and qualification
      • Supporting sponsors in review of projects by independent Market Monitor (to overcome FCM mitigation rules)
    • Integrating storage, renewable energy and distributed energy resources
    • Energy and capacity bidding and offer strategies
  • Understanding Interconnection Issues under the Transmission Tariffs including:
    • Assessing issues and options, including network transmission upgrade alternatives
    • Navigating the interconnection cluster study process
    • Monitoring the transmission planning process and its implications
    • Completing the standard interconnection process
  • Strategic Analysis including:
    • Analyzing existing market rules, market trends and emerging issues
    • Evaluating the potential implications of proposed changes to market segments or specific projects
    • Helping clients identify strategies to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate any adverse impacts
    • Market entry assessments for various resources
    • State and Federal Policy Integration
  • Revenue Analysis including:
    • Quantifying wholesale market revenues for storage, hybrid and renewable projects
    • Analysis of risks to revenue streams
    • Implications of congestion and curtailment
    • Value of adding storage to renewables
    • Value of importing/exporting to neighboring regions
    • Interactions with non-wholesale market revenue streams
  • Stakeholder Process representation including:
    • Attendance at and reporting from ISO/RTO Stakeholder Committees and working groups
    • Reporting on meeting content and outcomes
    • Providing strategic advice and guidance on positions to take on matters before committees.

Our Wholesale Market Services Experts

John Keene

Senior Director, General Counsel

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