The clean energy landscape is complex, varied, and dynamic. Since 1998, our clients have trusted us to offer strategic analysis, tactical insights, and grounded assessments. We purposefully advise the full spectrum of market participants and government entities to understand all perspectives, and we pride ourselves on delivering independent and objective advice.

  • For clean energy businesses, project hosts and end-users, capturing the opportunities and avoiding the risks they present requires a comprehensive understanding of the current and future policy environment, shifting incentives, resource costs, performance and potential, as well as the competitive market landscape.
  • For government agencies tasked with incentivizing renewables, a solid grasp of these factors is essential to designing and implementing successful policies and programs.

Sustainable Energy Advantage’s experienced experts can help you efficiently and effectively access the deep, interdisciplinary knowledge you need to make well-informed decisions or ramp up your team’s capabilities. We leverage extensive experience working in markets across the U.S. – particularly in the Northeast. Our team’s ability to analyze crosscutting policies, rules, and incentives, and distill critical information and synthesize it into actionable insights and recommendations specific to your situation sets us apart.

Sustainable Energy Advantage offer consulting services that span all renewable energy technologies, from distributed solutions to grid-scale, in wholesale as well as retail markets.  Whether you seek help with evaluation of new markets, renewable energy procurement, transactional due diligence and revenue forecasting, or public policy development, our efforts can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs and objectives.

Sustainable Energy Advantage can help you efficiently conduct

Regulatory Analysis

Policy Analytics

Financial Modeling

Market Analytics

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