Typical Business Need:  You’ve been successful investing in one market or one sector, building up capability and infrastructure. But the market is changing. Regulators are reducing incentives, competition is driving down margins, the low-hanging fruit has been plucked and investors want you to replicate results to deploy their capital, growing with attractive margins.

While you’ve been successful because market expertise gave you an edge, your development and research resources are finite.  What clean energy markets or sectors do you invest in next? Where do you start to acquire the market expertise that gives you a competitive edge?  Let SEA provide guidance with our Market Entry Analysis.

For new and growing market entrants (renewable power projects, developers, investors, services, and technologies), SEA can conduct custom analysis using methods developed over years in the market to support strategic decision-making on market entry opportunities that align client focus and strengths (technology or service, scale, capitalization, risk profile) with market opportunities and barriers.

See below for prototypical process and examples of specific support SEA can provide.

Why SEA? SEA has the experience, expertise, tools, and methods to take disparate market qualitative and quantitative data and distill it into a cohesive assessment of market potential and market risk from your organization’s perspective. Every client has a different set of experiences and preferences, strengths, and limitations. Our robust approach guides us to aligning market opportunities with your capabilities, while respecting your limitations.

At SEA, we pride ourselves on our clear-eyed view of the renewable energy landscape. As our clients span the range of market actors, we can readily consider the multiple perspectives and competing interests that will affect your market prospects. Combined with our top-notch quantitative modeling and forecasting of the renewable markets, SEA can categorize – and when appropriate, quantify – the risks and opportunities of markets over the coming years.

SEA Market Entry Analysis, Prototypical Process

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Senior Director, DER Practice Area Lead

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