Sustainable Energy Advantage offers a customized version of NYSERDA’s open-source New York Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) Value Stack Calculator via license.  NYSERDA’s publicly available calculator estimates project revenue based on 3 years of backward-looking historical wholesale market energy and capacity prices. 

SEA has customized the VDER Value Stack Calculator to make it forward-looking.  Our custom calculator incorporates a range of our own forward-looking energy and capacity price outlooks, which provide a more informative and useful representation of future revenue than historical prices. SEA populates the calculator with its own forward-looking energy and capacity price outlooks for all the NYISO zones through 2055. If a user acquires third-party forecasts of energy and capacity prices, those can easily be incorporated as inputs and used to model revenue on a monthly and annual basis.

Additionally, SEA provides ongoing support to help users set-up cases and interpret results (and optionally run the cases for you). 

SEA provides the Customized VDER Value Stack Calculator in version for:

  • stand-alone solar
  • solar paired with storage (BTM and IFOM)

Contact our team (Tom Michelman and Andrew Lidington) for license pricing, terms & conditions details, or an online demonstration.