Robert C. Grace

Managing Director & President

Tom Michelman

Senior Director, Distributed Energy Resources Practice Lead

Jason Gifford

Senior Director

Kathryn Craddock Mckee

Senior Director, Operations

John Keene

Senior Director & General Counsel

Raghu Palavadi Naga


Jim Kennerly


Stephan Wollenburg


Po-Yu Yuen

Senior Consultant, Market Analytics Manager

Erin Smith

Principal Analyst

Toby Armstrong

Principal Analyst

Andrew Lidington

Operations Manager, Policy Analytics

Mary McMahon

Senior Analyst

Cal Brown

Senior Policy Analyst

Eric Pinsker-Smith

Senior Analyst

Sahil Bakht

Senior Analyst

Yasin Naman


Jenna Whitney


Nate Belluche


Jacob Nichols


Dan Wilson

Office Manager


SEA is firmly committed to the future – and those that help make the future the present. We are proud to engage in the Massachusetts’ Clean Energy Center Internship Program. Below you will find our current wonderful interns:

Maeve Hulsman-Wells

Research Associate Intern

Executive Advisors

On a project basis, SEA periodically brings in experienced professionals to add their expertise to a SEA project team in support of a client’s needs. SEA has working relationships with advisors including:

Libby Delucia-Harting

Executive Advisor

Anna Giovinetto


Raymond Coxe, Ph.D.

Executive Advisor

William (Bill) Golove

Executive Advisor