While not every clean energy project proposed stands a chance of securing a contract in response to a competitive procurement opportunity (particularly in the Northeast US), Sustainable Energy Advantage can help give your project its best shot at securing the revenue streams to make a project financeable.

By adding our deep market experts to your bid team, you can leverage SEA’s analytical and strategic support, understanding of buyer objectives and market context. With extensive perspective garnered from years of experience evaluating project costs, developing and reviewing clean energy procurement and contracts, evaluating bids, analyzing clean energy procurement deployment, and monitoring project pipelines, SEA has the market knowledge and tools to help clients examine the competitive landscape and assess the revenues, opportunities and risks in a competitive clean energy procurement.  Our continuous tracking and analysis of clean energy procurement policies and programs, as well as experience supporting multiple states in developing and implementing their clean energy procurement policies, also gives us the eye for the key bid features ad narrative that help create a competitive bid.

SEA’s Competitive Procurement and Bid Support services include a broad range of offerings designed to deliver support and value where they are needed the most. Broadly speaking, these services can fall within one of the following categories:

  • Application of SEA’s support tools and methods to provide readily-accessible and cost-effective analytical support to guide and inform procurement and bidding decisions;
  • Customized analysis leverages your limited bandwidth with SEA’s existing resources and market knowledge to provide cost-effective analysis to help you benchmark, validate and refine your own assessments of costs, revenues, opportunities and risks in order to optimize bid strategies in response to competitive procurements; and
  • Strategic advising on targeted topics that leverages SEA’s independent and objective view, deep policy and market knowledge, and analytical toolkits to support successful bid development, including formulating bidding strategies, crafting offerings, developing bid pricing, conducting competitive evaluation assessment, optimizing non-price point strategies, and drafting a compelling bid narrative.

Our sell-side support experience for clean energy developers, owners, operators and investors, includes:

  • Providing procurement bid strategy support for large scale renewables, offshore wind, hybrid transmission/clean energy supply, hybrid renewables/storage.
  • Supporting bid development including developing strategy, crafting compelling narratives, managing drafting teams, proposal ghost writing, modeling and mocking competitive evaluation, and developing supporting research and analysis.

Our Bid and Procurement Support Experts

Bob Grace

President and Managing Director

Po-Yu Yuen

Senior Consultant, Market Analytics Manager

Jason Gifford

Senior Director

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