Evolution of power supply to a sustainable mix requires developing policies, markets, and infrastructure motivating the investments of millions to billions of dollars

Since before clean energy was ‘cool’, Sustainable Energy Advantage has been there, helping guide our public and private sector clients through detailed, grounded, objective, nuanced and interdisciplinary market analysis to support informed decision making.

SEA’s Market Analytics services synthesize relevant market data into cogent assessments and metrics for short-term insights and tactical & strategic planning.  We have seen, analyzed, and sometimes developed, nearly every clean energy technology, market, policy and incentive, so we understand what is applicable and important to provide first-rate analyses of almost any renewable energy and storage market.

Examples of Market Analysis deliverables have assessed, through research, modeling and interpretation:

  • Competitive market dynamics
  • Project supply pipelines and supply curves
  • Demand projections
  • Levelized cost of energy projections
  • Revenue and avoided cost
  • Incentive and interconnection queues
  • Market entry opportunities

These services provide key insights needed for policy development and actionable business intelligence. We’ve guided policymakers and state energy offices with the foundational analysis to implement innovative and effective policy, incentive, tariff and procurement initiatives, and helped developers and investors identify attractive markets and compete successfully in clean energy procurements.

Sustainable Energy Advantage’s market analytics specialize in the Northeast United States – where our experience is second to none – while we’ve also engaged in projects across the U.S. and the Americas.

Our Market Analytics Experts

Jason Gifford

Senior Director

Tom Michelman

Senior Director

Bob Grace

President & Managing Director

Po-Yu Yuen

Senior Consultant, Market Analytics Manager

Jim Kennerly


Stephan Wollenburg

Senior Consultant

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