The world of Clean Energy is always shifting. Here’s what we’re focused on:

Recent Webinar!

SEA’s expert Eyes & Ears staff held our First Annual Northeast Eyes & Ears Winter RE-Fresh on February 15th, 2024. Grab a hot cocoa (or coffee!) and let SEA take you through the second half of 2023… and what may be coming. Buy it now!

We’re Expanding into PJM!

Whether you want to join the SEA as we team expand into PJM or just stay in touch with our progress (and express your interest), please check out our PJM Information page to learn more!

Recent Blog: NY’s Big Clean Energy Purchase Announcement

SEA’s Bob Grace gives 10 fast takes on the recent evolutions of New York’s clean energy landscape. Read the blog.


Tailored consulting engagements leverage our extensive experience and exposure to the range of clean energy technologies, opportunities and challenges faced by the full spectrum of market actors, allowing us to distill and synthesize critical information to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Subscription Services

Since 2005, Sustainable Energy Advantage has delivered a range of services providing analysis to a broad and diverse group of private and public sector entities on a subscription basis.  The common characteristics of SEA subscription services include:

  • Your analytical ‘staples’ – information and analysis needed broadly throughout the clean energy sector → we can do it more cost-effectively, allowing you to better focus limited resources
  • Your analytical ‘wish list’ – Deep analysis you’d like to do, if you had the bandwidth, the time or the budget → by spreading the costs across a large base of subscribers, we can go much deeper and yield insights you want at a price you can afford
  • A ‘bird’s eye view’ – perspective garnered through our interaction with the full range of private and public sector market participants → we can assess trends, common practices and concerns, and market characteristics at an aggregate level that individual market participants generally can’t see
  • Freedom from conscious bias → by providing common analysis to a diverse range of interests, we can approach our work with as much objectivity and independence as possible

By Region

SEA subscription services are regional in nature, specific to markets in which markets, policies and specific generation sources play.

New England

New York


By Services

SEA subscription services include deep-dive market fundamentals analysis of clean energy markets, and clean energy regulatory, policy, legislative and wholesale market tracking and analysis.

Renewable Energy Market Outlook, REMO

In 2005, SEA created the industry’s first deep dive market fundamentals analysis of renewable energy certificate (REC) supply, demand and price scenario analysis delivered through tri-annual briefings to give subscribers a foundation for a well-formed market view.  SEA has provided REMO to a dedicated and incredibly diverse group of subscribers ever since over an expanding geography.

Eyes & Ears

Starting in 2007, SEA has provided a renewable energy regulatory, policy, legislative and wholesale market tracking and analysis service, creating bandwidth, saving time, and boosting staff effectiveness to a diverse and ever-growing range of market participants and public agencies.  SEA’s uniquely comprehensive Eyes & Ears regular flash updates bolt a best-in-class government affairs and market intel function onto your team.  SEA supercharged Eyes & Ears in 2022 with a new online platform and database putting everything you need at your fingertips, fast.

Massachusetts Solar Market Study, MA-SMS

MA-SMS is a multi-client subscription service SEA has provided since 2014 which offers an in-depth study of the Massachusetts SREC I and SREC II programs. Subscribers to MA-SMS will receive a range of recurring deliverables, scheduled to optimize accuracy of forecasts and actionability for clients trading, including four Market Fundamentals Webinars per year, and two Market Briefs (deep dive)

Massachusetts Clean Peak Market Outlook (CPMO)

The Massachusetts Clean Peak Market Outlook probes Clean Peak Standard (CPS) market fundamentals, dynamics and key uncertainties to project Clean Peak Energy Certificate (CPEC) supply demand scenarios as well as spot and long-term contracting price forecasts. CPMO builds a well-founded view of an emerging complex and dynamic market to help participants better manage risk and make informed decisions.