SEA’s Northeast REC Market Fundamentals Analysis.

What is the Basis of Your Market Outlook?

Deep, objective expert analysis, probing alternative probable futures and providing you the signposts. Actionable insights to enable confident action based on a well-founded market view. 

Your competitive advantage.

Whether you are a developer, asset owner, investor, broker, marketer, load-serving entity, utility, public agency or advocate… REMO provides actionable understanding and objective market intelligence​ to support your decision-making.

SEA’s Renewable Energy Market Outlook (REMO) provides subscribers with deep-dive fundamentals analysis of Northeast U.S. markets and drivers for new renewables, along with supporting resources and tools. Since 2005 (New England) and 2017 (New York), REMO has been arming its users with confidence in the market view underlying your decisions and actions – planning, investments, purchase or sale strategy, policymaking, advocacy, or risk management activities – in this growing and increasingly complex marketplace.

Our industry-leading REMO analysis forecasts demand drivers, tracks renewables procurement and project development activity, considers regional market dynamics, and projects Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) supply, demand, and price outlooks—including both spot and long-term contracting prices. More than just a forecast, REMO features detailed examination of emerging policy and market drivers, probing uncertainties to help participants assess opportunities and manage risks.

Who Uses REMO?

  • Inform forward hedging strategy
  • Assess market risk and opportunities for spot sales in compliance and voluntary markets
  • Inform operating decisions
  • Monitor market landscape development
  • Monitor investment environment
  • Assess financing opportunities & issues
  • Value existing assets, mark-to-market
  • Due diligence for asset investment, purchases, or sales
  • Inform operating decisions
  • Populate pro forma revenue
  • Inform development pipeline investments
  • Guide state procurement participation and bidding strategies
  • Monitor competitions, and competitive position
  • Evaluate long-term resource costs and competitiveness
  • Assess compliance obligation volume and cost
  • Informs risk management and product pricing
  • Assess market risks and opportunities for spot purchases
  • Informs REC cost and procurement strategy for voluntary market offerings
  • Understand markets
  • Monitor market trends
  • Guide business development focus
  • Benchmark internal analysis
  • Identify arbitrage opportunities
  • Inform outlook, identify counterparty interests
  • Understand market & policy trends, and implications
  • Identify opportunities to action and influence
  • Inform public and private sector decisions
  • Understand their own policy/market context
  • Assess sensitivities of policy decisions
  • Track interactions with other markets
  • Monitor market trends

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