Energy storage resources can provide a broad range of services across the energy system, and as such, evaluating storage opportunities is complex.  SEA draws on its extensive policy insights, markets experience, and quantitative expertise to serve clients as they develop, operate, procure, and influence or design policies for storage.

Types of projects: SEA provides analysis for all types of storage projects – in-front-of-the-meter, behind-the-meter, standalone, and co-located with renewables.  While we serve all project types, SEA specializes in analysis of resources paired with renewables.

Storage services: SEA works with all types of clients, including developers, policymakers, and end-users.  We help our clients design and understand policies, optimize project configuration, model storage dispatch, and perform financial modeling.  Examples of ways SEA can help its clients engage with storage include:

  • Understanding how to use storage to maximize solar revenue and develop competitive bids, considering factors including arbitrage, curtailment, incentive structure, and tax policy
  • Evaluating markets and policies to identify jurisdictions that support storage development
  • Developing and managing solicitations for solar plus storage projects, enabling clients to compare bids using standard metrics
  • Identifying revenue opportunities, eligibility criteria, and revenue potential so clients can stack revenues across markets effectively
  • Quantifying the impacts on storage of various storage-specific tariff designs

Objective analysis: Unlike many others providing storage modeling services, SEA does not collect referral revenue or sell asset management services.  This allows us to draw on a variety of proprietary and publicly available tools to objectively and cost-effectively serve the interests of our clients.

Policy expertise: SEA leverages its policy tracking service, Eyes and Ears, to both ensure that our analysis is based on the most accurate information available and to help clients anticipate future changes that may have implications for their storage portfolios.  Our team of researchers and our history helping to design and implement clean energy policies ensure that we have unsurpassed insights into the local policy and market landscape.

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