Held on January 13, 2021

Question: Are you 
in the MA SREC I or SREC II market 
and wondering if you should pull a trigger on a trade before or after the NEPOOL-GIS April 15th 2020-Q4 minting? Need some third-party analysis to help you make the decision on the disposition of 2020 SRECs, or for that matter 2021, 2022, etc. MA SRECs? 

Answer: If so, then SEA and its Massachusetts Solar Market Study (MA-SMS) should be your go to for Market Fundamentals Analysis (that differs significantly from current broker quotes).     

SEA, through its MA-SMS service, has been analyzing the MA SREC markets since 2014.

What do you get with your purchase?

  • MA SREC Market Fundamentals Analysis 2021#1 Briefing PDF and Recording, presented on January 13, 2021 
  • SREC I and SREC II Price Outlook and Compliance Obligation Tables

Reach out to sea-admin@seadeliverables.com if you are interested in this webinar.

Interested in our Massachusetts Solar Market Study (MA-SMS) subscription? You should be! Read more about the service here, and check out some of our recent blogs, such as our 2020 MA-SREC Post-Mortem (you might wish you had read this earlier) and our recent dive into Solar Panel Degradation.