Terms & Conditions

  1. This License applies to the Excel spreadsheet model entitled with the prefix “Customized_VDER_Calc”, and all successor and derivative versions thereof (the Model). 
  2. The purpose of this License agreement is to protect SEA’s intellectual property associated with the Model provided under this Engagement Letter and Statement of Work.  The conditions herein apply to the Model initially provided, as well as to any additions, enhancements or other changes SEA makes to the Model while working with the Licensee. 
  3. This license conveys to Licensee permission for multiple use of the Model. That is, Licensee may use the Model to assess not only their current project, but future projects as well, without limit. 
  4. Model is licensed to Licensee strictly for use by officers and employees of Licensee. Licensee may not under any circumstances convey a fully functional, working version of the Model to any other party.  Licensee may not convey the Model, or any electronic or printed representation in whole or part thereof, to any third party without written permission from SEA, as follows. In the event Licensee wishes to discuss or share the model or any electronic or paper representation thereof, in whole or in part, Licensee must: 
    • Contact SEA, disclose the party with which Licensee wishes to share information, the extent and form of that information, and obtain written permission from SEA to do so. For the purpose of this License Agreement, external lawyers and consultants are considered third parties for which permission disclose Model information must be requested and received.   
    • With permission granted, Licensee may only share an electronic version or representation of the Model in the form of either (a) a PDF file, or (b) a FULLY password-protected version of the model (without conveying the password to the third party). 
  5. Additional terms and conditions as described and as applicable in “VDER-Calculator-License-v-Pay-Go-2021-Final-Cut-Sheet-V1.3.pdf” provided as Attachment A