New England Renewable Energy Market Outlook (NE REMO)

The NEW ENGLAND RENEWABLE ENERGY MARKET OUTLOOK is a detailed New England renewable energy credit (REC) market fundamentals analysis – a scenario analysis of Class I RPS supply, demand and future REC prices.

Value Proposition:
  • Quickly dive into a deep and actionable understanding of the New England regional Class I (new) renewable energy marketplace.
  • Gain confidence in the market view underlying your decision making – to support your planning, investment, purchase or sale strategy, advocacy, or risk management activities.
  • Understand all the issues and their potential impact on your interests, risks and opportunities. Prioritize based on what matters most with an enhanced understating of cause and effect.
  • In-depth, independent and objective analysis on a subscription basis allows us to spread our research and analysis costs over a broad base of subscribers, resulting in a very cost-effective alternative or supplement to conducting such research and analysis in-house or commissioning an outside consulting analysis.
  • Analysis constantly evolving to consider additional factors or scenarios, layer in new analytical approaches to reveal new insight.
  • Diving deeper into issues driving markets and policy, making each briefing fresh and able to yield new insight.
  • Subscribers use individual briefings to support a specific decision, get periodic updates to benchmark their internal analyses, or orient themselves to entering the market for the first time.
  • Subscribers have reported using REMO briefings to train new staff and staff new to the New England renewables market -a faster and effective way to understand.

Our subscription-based, detailed analysis of renewable energy market supply and demand is based on SEA’s proprietary database of operational or development renewable energy projects influencing the New England market.

Updated three times per year, REMO helps subscribers develop a sophisticated market outlook necessary to support good decision-making. Subscribers include:

  • Load-Serving Entities and Utilities
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers and Asset Owners
  • Investors (equity and debt)
  • Renewable Energy Credits brokers, buyers, wholesale and retail and marketers
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard Administrators and Renewable Energy Fund Administrators
  • Policy Advocates
Key REMO Topics:
  • Market Trends Influencing REC Supply, Demand and Price Environment
  • Supply vs. Demand Analysis & Projections
  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Price Expectations
  • Risks, Opportunities, Uncertainties and their implications
  • REC Market Dynamics: Methods, Approach & Key Assumptions
Features & Deliverables:
  • Web-based briefing in group web conference format ~ 2.5 hours/ briefing.
  • Offered 3 times/year.
  • Briefing document, methodology primer and assumptions appendix for internal use only.
    • An audio-video synchronized recording of each briefing is also available
  • Up to one hour of SEA staff time included for follow up clarifying questions.
Subscription Options:

A variety of options are available to suite your budget and needs.

The New England Renewable Energy Market Basics Primer provides a detailed introduction to the structure and dynamics of New England’s renewable energy marketplace.  The purpose of the Primer is to accelerate the learning curve for new market participants – enabling them to transition more quickly to revenue-generating activities and a deeper understanding of market fundamentals.   The New England Renewable Energy Market Basics Primer provides the foundation necessary to engage in New England’s renewable energy marketplace. 

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