Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA) invites you to join the 2022 Massachusetts Solar Market Study (2022 MA-SMS or MA-SMS), an in-depth study of the Massachusetts solar market. MA-SMS is a multi-client subscription service SEA has provided since 2014 which offers an in-depth study of the Massachusetts SREC I and SREC II programs.

Value Proposition:

well-informed market view

  • SEA tracks all policy, legislative, and regulatory developments in MA at a granular level, allowing us to anticipate programmatic changes and model possible futures, risks, and their implications.
  • Detailed modeling of SREC supply, leveraging near-real-time NASA data to predict generation prior to SREC minting and in-depth analysis of in-practice degradation.
  • What would you have done differently if you had foreseen the potential impacts of retail supplier bankruptcies, change in SREC 1 qualification rules, how COVID impacted demand, etc.?

Independent, objective market analysis

  • SEA has access to a wide range of market participants.
  • Ability to assess trends, common practices and characteristics of the market at an aggregate level that individual market participants generally can’t see.
  • SEA is not captive to any sector or trading in SREC or REC markets → no rose-colored glasses – perhaps the independent analyses your organization has been looking for to confirm or amend your own internal market view

We do it more cost-effectively, allowing you to better focus limited resources

  • By spreading the costs we are able to go much deeper and yield insights you want at a price you can afford.
  • Enhance your effectiveness, focus on what you do best!
  • Access to SEA staff to clarify issues and compare market views

Massachusetts MA-SMS Content & Deliverables:

Market Fundamentals Webinar Deliverables (minimum of 4-per-year, provided prior to quarterly SREC minting:

  • Presented by MA-SMS team in 1-1.5 hour webinar format
  • Live (w/ Q&A) and recorded versions included
  • Detailed PowerPoint slide deck describing modeling updates and market developments
  • Spreadsheets of forecasts and major assumptions provided
  • MA-SMS team available to provide additional clarification / answers to confidential questions

Market Briefs (minimum of 2-per-year)

  • 10-20 slide deep-dives into topics that drive the markets chosen by the MA-SMS team
  • Deliverables include slide deck and spreadsheet containing price forecast and assumptions

Sample of our work:

2019 Massachusetts Solar Market Study Project

For more information on the MA-SMS subscription, including pricing, please contact Tom Michelman at or at (o) 508-665-5854 or (m) 978-580-6190.

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