New England Market Basics Primer and User Guide

The Primer (Part I of the slide deck) will be most useful to individuals who are new to the market. The User Guide (Part II starting on slide 98) will be useful to those new to the REMO service.

This Market Basics Primer & User Guide is intended to:

  1. Accelerate the learning curve for new market participants,
  2. Serve as a tool to train new employees,
  3. Provide the foundational knowledge necessary to engage in New England’s RPS markets, and
  4. Help you get the most out of your REMO subscription.

What’s inside?

Market Basics Primer & User Guide contents include:

Part 1: Market Basics Primer

  1. State RPS Policies: The Origin of REC Obligations
  2. RPS Eligibility Requirements
  3. Renewable Energy Supply (Regional & Imports)
  4. Interactions between Policies (RPS, Long-term Contract Procurements, Tariffs, and Clean Energy Standards)
  5. REC Market Dynamics
  6. Long-Term REC Cost of Entry
  7. Market Drivers & Constraints
  8. Interaction with Greenhouse Gas Markets and Emerging Policy Objectives

Part 2: REMO User Guide

  1. REMO Users and their Needs
  2. REMO Deliverables & Structures
  3. Understanding Result Graphics
  4. Terminology
  5. Why We Present Scenarios (and How to Interpret Them)


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