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For all active subscribers, SEA offers the option to commission custom modeling runs. Do you have your own energy and/or capacity price outlook?  Would you like to see the impact on the REMO REC price outlook of different assumptions for the contracted pipeline supply? SEA can run custom cases quickly and easily, varying parameters of your choosing — enabling insight into supply, demand, and price impacts of specific market conditions.

The Market Primer provides a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the structure and dynamics of New York’s renewable energy marketplace and is designed to accelerate the learning curve for new market participants – enabling them to transition more quickly to revenue-generating activities.

Sustainable Energy Advantage’s New York VDER Primer provides a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent compensation structure for distributed energy resources in New York State. The Primer includes explanation of the basics of the program, all the components of the VDER Value Stack tariff, project billing and interconnection considerations, market activity, and potential future refinements. With the information in the Primer and the applicable Orders from the Public Service Commission that shaped the program, get you and your team prepared to take on the rapidly expanding New York distributed energy market. For additional insights into distributed energy in New York, contact [WHATEVER EMAIL WE WANT TO PUT HERE].

Sustainable Energy Advantage offers a customized version of NYSERDA’s open-source New York Value of Distributed Energy Resources (VDER) Value Stack Calculator via license. NYSERDA’s publicly available calculator estimates project revenue based on 3 years of backward-looking historical wholesale market energy and capacity prices.

SEA has customized the VDER Value Stack Calculator to make it forward-looking. Our custom calculator incorporates a range of our own forward-looking energy and capacity price outlooks, which provide a more informative and useful representation of future revenue than historical prices. SEA populates the calculator with its own forward-looking energy and capacity price outlooks for all the NYISO zones through 2055. If a user acquires third-party forecasts of energy and capacity prices, those can easily be incorporated as inputs and used to model revenue on a monthly and annual basis.

Additionally, SEA provides ongoing support to help users set-up cases and interpret results (and optionally run the cases for you).

SEA provides the Customized VDER Value Stack Calculator in version for:

  • Stand-alone solar
  • Solar paired with storage (BTM and IFOM)

Contact our team (Tom Michelman and Andrew Lidington) for license pricing, terms & conditions details, or an online demonstration.

Sample New York Deliverables

Trying to get a better sense of what you’ll receive as a subscriber?  Check out the sample content below.  Note – each briefing is unique and other tools evolve in response to market, policy, regulatory, and legislative changes and to incorporate enhancements, so the examples below are only intended to give you a sense of what deliverables contain.


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