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For all active subscribers, SEA offers the option to commission custom modeling runs. Do you have your own energy and/or capacity price outlook?  Would you like to see the impact on the REMO REC price outlook of different assumptions for key regional resources? SEA can run custom cases quickly and easily, varying parameters of your choosing — enabling insight into supply, demand, and price impacts of specific market conditions.

Available to term-subscribers only

Are you preparing to enter New England’s renewable energy market and overwhelmed by the complexity if interacting policies, programs, and market dynamics? Do you need to get new hires up-to-speed quickly but don’t have the bandwidth to organize and explain the breadth of state-by-state policies and the resulting regional market dynamics? SEA’s Renewable Energy Market Primer conveys the fundamentals of state-by-state policies and programs, providing a ‘lay of the land’ for new market entrants. Key content includes sources of renewable energy demand, supply, and fundamentals of REC market price formation.

Sample New England Deliverables

Trying to get a better sense of what you’ll receive as a subscriber?  Check out the sample content below.  Note – each briefing is unique and other tools evolve in response to market, policy, regulatory, and legislative changes and to incorporate enhancements, so the examples below are only intended to give you a sense of what deliverables contain.


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