Renewable Energy Market Outlook

The growing and increasingly complex renewable energy markets is driving a need for detailed and objective market analysis.

SEA’s Renewable Energy Market Outlook (REMO) provides deep-dive fundamentals analysis and supporting resources and tools to policymakers and participants in renewable energy obligation markets throughout the Northeast U.S. Delivering objective analysis and actionable insights since 2005, REMO arms you with confidence in the market view underlying your decisions and actions – planning, investments, purchase or sale strategy, policymaking, advocacy, or risk management activities – in this growing and increasingly complex marketplace.

The industry-leading REMO analysis forecasts load, tracks renewables procurement and project development activity, considers regional market dynamics, and projects Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) supply, demand, and price outlooks – including both spot and long-term contracting prices. More than just a forecast, REMO features detailed examination of emerging policy and market drivers and uncertainties to help participants assess opportunities and manage risks.

REMO Coverage & Service Offerings

REMO offers deep-dive Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) market analysis and insights driven by rigorous modeling and research of the renewables landscape. Since 2005, SEA has offered the unique subscription-based REMO analysis service of renewable supply, demand, and spot and long-term contracting REC prices to a broad range of market participants. The REMO market fundamentals analysis service is complimented by a suite of related tools and resources designed to support participants in performing targeted functions in this marketplace.

  • Renewable energy demand: A function of compliance targets, policy-obligated load, and voluntary market demand
  • Renewable energy supply: Detailed project-by-project, with case-specific forecasts of (i) operating projects’ production and (ii) pipeline projects’ probability of success and timing
  • REC supply-demand, and bank balance: Putting supply and demand together under a variety of scenarios
  • Renewable and clean energy procurement: Timing and volume of procurement opportunities, potential participation, and their resulting award mix and pricing
  • Regional dynamics: Regional arbitrage of REC supply among adjacent eligible compliance markets
  • Cost of new renewable energy market entries entry: Based on a detailed and rigorous renewable supply curve considering renewable resource development costs and commodity market revenues under a variety of future conditions
  • Spot REC prices: Combining supply-demand balance, costs of new renewable market entries, and banking for a variety of scenarios
  • Long-term contracting prices: New renewable market entries contracted to meet demand from procurement policies and incremental renewable market need
  • New England REMO: Subscription-based market fundamentals analysis service covering the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Class I / New markets in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire and the Class III market in New Hampshire
  • New York REMO: Subscription-based market fundamentals analysis service covering the Clean Energy Standard, with a primary focus on Tier 1 large-scale renewables and the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Tier 1 compliance market
  • PJM REMO: Coming Soon