📣 Calling all New England solar project owners new to the Class I RPS market! Don’t be REC-less; get up to speed on the Class I RPS market by leveraging SEA’s expertise to become an instant expert!

We’re offering a special 25% discount on our upcoming New England Renewable Energy Market Outlook (NE-REMO) briefings on June 6 (Part 1) and 9 (Part 2). Note that following the briefing date, briefing recordings, slide deck and accompanying materials are available.

Sale: good through July 31, 2023

  • 25% off the regular price for either a 1-time briefing or a 1-year subscription. Applies to live briefings (June 6 & 9) or recordings thereof.
    • $12,375.00 for 1 year subscription (3 briefings, NE-REMO 2023#1, #2, #3) – a $4,125.00 savings.
    • $5,362.50 for 1-time briefing to NE-REMO 2023#1 – a $1,787.50 savings.
  • Small Generator discount – 50% off for subscribers with portfolios that will earn Class I RECs(I.e., projects that are qualified for or will be able to qualify for Class I RECs [any of CT Class I, MA Class I, ME Class I, NH Class I, RI New and VT Class I] between the present and 2024) not exceeding 20 MWAC. This includes applicable projects that will qualify for Class I RECs that are:
    • Operating capacity owned (e.g., Maine NEB, RI virtual net metering, MA SREC I). or for which subscriber controls the RECs; and,
    • Capacity not operating, but in development portfolio with planned commercial operation date prior to January 1, 2025.
    • You may self-certify to this standard (check applicable box). SEA reserves the right to request documentation / clarification from the subscriber to confirm self-certification and to determine eligibility in its sole discretion.
  • If you sign up for 1-time briefing and fall in love with REMO, you may convert retroactively within 30 days of receipt of the Big Picture Briefing to a 1-year term at the sale price by paying the balance.

Don’t leave unrealized revenue on the table — at current REC prices, a 20 MW Class I REC portfolio can yield an annual REC revenue of nearly $1 million, and a 100 MW portfolio nearly $5 million. Check out our newest blog post for insight on regional solar projects with Class I REC opportunities, Class I REC market scale and volatility, and the revenue benefits to be gained from supporting your REC revenue strategy with solid market fundamentals analysis.

How can you make good decisions without a market view?  What good is a forecast without context?  SEA subject matter experts will share results of our latest market analysis results – forecasts for supply and demand, and near- and long-term REC prices, under a range of scenarios and sensitivities wrapped in contextual dialog.  Since 2005 NE-REMO has provided its users with a well-founded and nuanced market view and risk assessment to enable commercially-sound decision making. See what you’ve been missing.