When the MA SMART Floodgates Open, How Will My Project Fare? (Recording)

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Base cost is $150.

Note the following:

  • The full webinar price, up to the maximum of your first ticket price, may be credited to the price of the SMART Project Incentive Fortune Teller service contracted during 2018.
  • This webinar is NOT a SMART program introduction. If you need to get up to speed on SMART, we are happy to serve you via in-person meetings, personal webinar, custom consulting, retail / net metering rate forecasting, and / or delivery of an off-the-shelf SMART program primer, etc. Contact Tom Michelman (tmichelman@seadvantage.com, 508-665-5854) directly, if you want to discuss such services.

Full  Webinar Description:  

There has been an unprecedented level of Massachusetts solar development activity leading up to the start of the SMART program (see graph below).  This has occurred in great part because of the SMART’s program appeal of providing, unlike SREC II, a fixed level of incentives for projects once they qualify for the program.  However though, budding SMART market participants are struggling to understand what level of fixed incentives they are likely to qualify for (i.e., what Incentive Block and Adder Tranche they will qualify for).  This uncertainty is negatively affecting business planning, financing and project development.   

We at Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA) would like to invite you to view the recording of our latest webinar When the MA SMART Program Floodgates Open, How Will My Projects Fare? which shines a spotlight on the current SMART market uncertainty.  It helps you better understand from an overall market perspective where your development / financing portfolio stands, and how we can help you bound your SMART development uncertainty on a project-by-project basis.   

The webinar recording covers the below topics in following in order.  Please note the following: 

  • Part 1 is pure market analysis content, while Part 2 will incorporate a sales pitch for additional SEA services.   

 Part 1 –  Deep Dive Analysis and Qualitative Assessment of SMART Program Pace of Qualification (~70 minutes) 

  • Latest status of the SMART program including any late summer updates of DPU 17-140, DPU 17-146, DOER SMART Program Guidelines, etc. (~15 minutes) 
  • A detailed look at the SMART development project pipeline via the utility interconnection database by project size for each utility.  We will compare the recent and past interconnection activity as well that activity versus SREC II and net metering development (~20 minutes)  
  • For each utility, the interconnection database’s data quality idiosyncrasies, pitfalls and improvements (~20 minutes) 
  • Qualitative assessment of the likely pace of SMART project Incentive Block and Adder Tranche qualification (~5 minutes) 
    • Note quantitative forecasts of the overall SMART project development pace can be purchased via our Massachusetts Solar Market Study (MA-SMS) or on a project-by-project basis via the SMART Project Incentive Fortune Teller as soon to be detailed on our website, and in Part 2 of the webinar below.  
  • Question & Answer (~10 minutes) 

Part 2 – Introduction to SEA’s SMART Project Incentive Fortune Teller (20 Minutes) 

  • Methodological approach to analyzing and bounding SMART Incentive Block and Adder Tranche forecasts including differences dependent upon (~10 minutes) 
    • Project status (e.g., with or without an ISA, interconnection circuit, permitting status) 
    • Utility 
    • Adder Tranche  
  • What are you signing up for?  Review of (~5 minutes) 
    • Project data requirements provided to SEA in order to make a forecast 
    • Deliverables  
    • Pricing 
    • Terms & Conditions 
  • Question & Answer and Wrap-up (~5 minutes) 

Note again, the full webinar price, up to the maximum of your first ticket price, may be credited to the price of the SMART Project Incentive Fortune Teller service contracted during 2018. 

To purchase this webinar, please contact Lynn NeJaime.