New England Renewable Energy Market Outlook (REMO)

Our subscription-based, detailed analysis of renewable energy market supply and demand is based on SEA’s proprietary database of operational or development renewable energy projects influencing the New England market. Update three times per year, REMO helps subscribers develop a sophisticated market outlook necessary to support good decision-making. Subscribers include:

  • Load-Serving Entities and Utilities
  • Renewable Energy Project Developers and Asset Owners
  • Investors (equity and debt)
  • Renewable Energy Credits brokers, buyers, wholesale and retail and marketers
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard Administrators and Renewable Energy Fund Administrators
  • Policy Advocates
Key REMO Topics:
  • Market Trends Influencing REC Supply, Demand and Price Environment
  • Supply vs. Demand Analysis & Projections
  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Price Expectations
  • Risks, Opportunities, Uncertainties and their implications
  • REC Market Dynamics: Methods, Approach & Key Assumptions


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New England REMO  

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