New York Eyes & Ears Service

SEA’s Eyes & Earssm Service: ‘We track it … now you can, too.’

Eyes & Ears helps you keep track of renewable energy-related legislative, policy and regulatory activity affecting your interests in New York.
A subscription to Eyes & Ears extends your reach so you won’t miss opportunities to act or react.

What is Eyes & Ears and What Can it Do for Your Organization?

Eyes & Ears (E&E) is a service extending and enhancing the capability of your busy staff to keep track of New York’s most recent events in renewable energy regulation, policy and legislation (RP&L).

  • E&E allows you to cover unfolding activity…
    • More comprehensively than your existing staff, by adding additional eyes and ears
    • More cost-effectively than trying to cover everything through in-house staffing
    • Quickly, if your capabilities in the region are ramping up
  • It is intended to:
    • Screen regional activity, sorting through the vast set of potentially relevant items to be on the lookout for
    • Cover topics subscribers have identified as important to them, or for items that we believe they should be aware of
    • Keep you informed on RP&L developments, bringing critical issues to the surface in a timely manner
    • Identify issues, challenges and opportunities early that might otherwise be missed so that you can plan accordingly and avoid surprises
    • Ensure that you are aware of opportunities to participate in the regulatory process and have enough time to respond
    • Provide top-level analysis on the significance of each development

Who Subscribes to E&E?

  • Renewable energy businesses (project developers and managers, investors, marketers, service providers) and advocates active in or targeting/entering New York
  • Organizations:
    • looking to extend their capabilities. If your headquarters or concentration of efforts are elsewhere, and/or you are lightly-staffed for this function in New York
    • seeking a cost-effective alternative means to maintain their capabilities.  If you are looking to track and understand RP&L developments more efficiently and cost-effectively than fully staffing them with in-house capabilities
    • ramping up their capabilities.  If your business is small and growing, or currently too small for busy key personnel to track RP&L developments, Eyes & Ears can help you ramp up, allowing you to hit the ground running.  You can also use E&E to educate and train transitioning personnel until your business grows to the scale that it can take the function in-house

Eyes & Earssm Features:

  • Eyes & EarsSMWeekly Flash E-mail Update
  • Special Flash E-Mail Updates when there’s a development that can’t wait a week, or merits a featured analysis
  • Q&A sessions, 1-hour phone consultations to discuss content and pose clarifying or interpretative questions (up to 6 per year)

For more information, contact Deborah Donovan

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New York Eyes & Ears Service

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