New England Solar Eyes & Ears Service

SEA’s Solar Eyes & Earssm Service: ‘We track it … now you can, too.’

Solar Eyes & Ears helps you keep track of solar energy-related legislative, policy and regulatory activity which could affect your interests in each of the six New England states.
A subscription to Solar Eyes & Ears extends your reach so you won’t miss opportunities to act or reach.

Eyes and Ears‘Solar Eyes & Ears’ is a solar-focused version of SEA’s comprehensive tracking service for all regional solar-related renewable energy activity. Solar Eyes & Ears services include:

  • Weekly flash updates summarizing the week’ news and highlighting time sensitive solar energy related issues which may require your action or attention.
  • Regularly published electronic digests with detailed analysis of issues so that you can understand what is happening that might impact your interests. Digests are indexed and cross-referenced, for easy access as a ready-reference to each issue’s history and status.
  • Emergency Flash updates summarizing and analyzing issues of high importance as they happen.
  • Supplemental follow-up briefings available, on limited basis.

What is Solar Eyes & Ears and What Can it Do for Your Organization?

Solar Eyes & Ears (E&E) is a service extending and enhancing the capability of your busy staff to keep track of the most recent events in solar energy regulation, policy and legislation (RP&L) throughout New England.

  • Allows you to cover unfolding activity…
    • More comprehensively than your existing staff, by adding additional eyes and ears.
    • More cost-effectively than trying to achieve coverage exclusively through in-house staffing.
    • Quickly, if your capabilities in the region are ramping up.
  • It is intended to:
    • Screen regional activity, sorting through the vast set of potentially relevant items to be on the lookout for topics subscribers have identified as important to them, or for items that we believe they should be aware (based on an understanding of subscriber priorities and objectives)
    • Keep you informed on RP&L developments, bringing critical issues to the surface in a timely manner
    • Help identify issues, challenges and opportunities that might otherwise be missed, or identify them earlier so that you can plan accordingly and so there are fewer surprises
    • Help ensure that you are aware of opportunities to participate in the regulatory process and have enough time to respond
    • Help you understand and interpret – by providing top-level analysis on what each development means.


  • Renewable energy businesses(development, management, investment, marketing, service) and advocates active in or targeting/entering New England.
  • Entities looking to extend their capabilities. If your headquarters or concentration of efforts are elsewhere, and/or you are lightly-staffed for this function in New England.
  • Entities seeking a cost-effective alternative means to maintain their capabilities.  If you are looking to track and understand RP&L developments more effectively and cost-effectively than fully staffing them with in-house capabilities
  • Entities ramping up their capabilities.  If your business is small and growing, currently too small or key personnel currently too busy to track RP&L developments, Eyes & Ears can help you ramp up a new business capability to allow you to hit the ground running.  It can also serve as a means to educate and train personnel in transition until your business grows to the scale that it can take the function in-house.
  • Policymakersinterested in understanding regional precedents or experience of other states implementing similar or related laws, policies or regulations.  These could provide ideas or guidance on what has been tried elsewhere, and can identify relevant experiences, synergies, opportunities for collaboration, and potential policy interactions or conflicts.

Solar Eyes & Earssm Features:

  • Eyes&EarsSM Weekly Flash E-mail Update
  • Special Flash E-Mail Updates… when there’s a development that can’t wait a week, or merits a featured analysis
  • Eyes&EarsSM Digest, a highly-organized, keyword indexed, deep drill down and ready reference, published 5-6 times per year
  • Eyes&EarsSM Searchable Index, a compound keyword searchable index to Digest articles, updated after each digest
  • Post-Digest Q&A session, a ½ hour phone consultation with SEA staff after each Digest, or up to 3 hours per year, to discuss the Eyes & Ears content and pose clarifying or interpretative questions.
  • Back Issues of Solar Eyes & Ears Digests, many of the topics covered in Eyes & Ears are continuing coverage of topics which commenced with legislation, regulations, proceedings, or other events commencing before the beginning of your subscription. Most of our new subscribers find that procuring the back issues of our Digests provide them with a complete and ready reference.

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