SEA Solar Toolkit

Our Solar Toolkit helps you stay current on the solar-related legislative, policy, regulatory and development activities and look into the future of solar development.  Our current tools include:

  • New England Solar Eyes & Ears Service
    • Note: Solar Information Center (added as of January 2014)
  • Financial Modeling & Advisory Services
  • 2016 Massachusetts Solar Market Study.  The study will includes forecasts and fundamentals analysis of the SREC-I and SREC-II markets (as well as any successor program) via:
    • Market Briefs (8x/year)
    • Interactive Webinars (4x/year)
    • MA Solar Market Benchmarks (e.g., PPA terms & conditions, net metering rates, project costs) (8x/year)
    • Consulting Credit for Access to SEA Team ($1,000/year)
    • Discounts on related subscriptions
    • Optionally, SREC-II Consolidated Pipeline database with probability of success and probability of attaining qualifications for SREC-II
  • Due Diligence services
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More tools, details to be announced soon, will include:
  • Massachusetts SREC Market:
    • Training
    • Primers
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Due Diligence
    • Matchmaking
  • CT ZREC Market Analysis
  • New York Solar Policy Tracking and Analysis

SEA Expertise and Services to Date: