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DOER_SRECII_Task1_2013DOER Solar Policy Program and Post 400-MW Policy Analysis

Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC was engaged by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), as part of a team of consultants, to provide analysis and reports to inform the development of phase two of the RPS Solar Carve-out program (SREC II). Sustainable Energy Advantage’s efforts centered primarily on the following tasks:

Task 1 evaluates the different incentive requirements that would enable viable development of a range of installation types and locations under a variety of future conditions, to guide DOER in establishing SREC-II incentive levels necessary to achieve DOER’s solar policy goals and objectives.

Task 1 Report : Evaluation of Current Solar Costs and Needed Incentive Levels Across Market Segments

Task 2 evaluates the impact of alternative incentive program designs and revenue certainty on the required incentive payments developed in Task 1, considering the impact of policy choice on various cost components, including cost of financing, transaction costs, and customer acquisition cost.

Task 2 Report: Comparative Evaluation of Carve-out Policy with Other Policy Alternatives