Navigating the Unique Interactions, Opportunities and Challenges of the New York Clean Energy Standard and REC Market

Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC (SEA) – the region’s leading objective analyst of renewable energy markets and purveyor of the New England Renewable Energy Market Outlook (REMO) market fundamentals briefings – hosted a webinar “Renewables Get a Bigger Bite of the Apple: Navigating the Unique Interactions, Opportunities and Challenges of the New York Clean Energy Standard and REC Market” on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

This webinar can help market participants and other stakeholders currently active in New York, newly impacted by these policies, or interested in the opportunities that the CES is creating, to dig deep on the opportunities and challenges that New York’s large-scale renewable policies will create moving forward.  Whether you are a renewable energy developer, investor, utility, load-serving entity, asset owner, marketer, broker, lawyer, consultant, engineering or permitting service provider, advocate, equipment vendor, or public agency, this webinar can help you fill in the blanks and connect the dots.

SEA’s President and Managing Director, Bob Grace, joined other SEA staff to frame the CES and RES, from big picture to practical implications, to help you navigate your role in this new world and answer the questions such as:

  • What are the key elements of the CES and RES and their applicability to LSEs, generators and intermediaries?
  • How will New York’s nascent tradable REC market function evolve over time? What will be the opportunities for speculators and intermediaries?
  • What is New York’s path to 50% renewables by 2030?
  • How should New York’s load-serving entities plan for their new compliance obligations and mitigate the associated risks?  When is it cost-effective to invest in expertise?
  • What new development opportunities and challenges will the RES create for renewable asset owners, developers, and financiers?
  • What phases will the markets go through, and what risks and opportunities will apply in each phase?
  • What is the latest in the ongoing discussion around New York’s “legacy supply,” and why is it so important for both New York and neighboring renewable markets?

Webinar Topics Included:

  • The New York Clean Energy Standard: Overview
  • The Path to 50% by 2030
  • ZECS: Overview & Status
  • New York’s Certificate Market
  • New Renewable Energy Supply
  • New York’s Legacy Supply
  • RES Tier 1 LSE Obligation
  • NYSERDA’s RES Tier 1 Procurements
  • NYPA and LIPA Renewables Procurement
  • NYSERDA Certificate Resales
  • The RES Tier 1 REC Market
  • Project Development: Opportunities & Challenges
  • Integrating CES into LSE Operations
  • Discrete Phases of the CES, and Future Issues

Interested in purchasing the webinar materials? Please contact us. The webinar materials include the audio recording and a presentation PDF consisting of nearly 120 in-depth slides. The cost for the webinar materials is $299, with a discounted price of $199 for government and non-profit entities.