Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC (SEA) – the region’s leading objective analyst of renewable energy markets, purveyor of the New England Renewable Energy Market Outlook (REMO) market fundamentals briefings and author of the Northeast Offshore Wind Regional Market Characterization –  recently hosted a timely webinar entitled “Offshore Wind Sets Sail in the Northeast:  Detailing MA Section 83C RFP Bids, New CT & NY Procurement Opportunities, and More”.

The presentation first provided a detailed overview of the Massachusetts Section 83C procurement process and proposals, digging deep into the RFP and public versions of the bids to discuss:

  • Background and overview of the Section 83C statute, procurement process and timeline
  • Proposed project configuration, variations, status, timelines for generation and transmission components, and the optionality offered to the bid evaluators
  • How the bids align with the stated RFP evaluation criteria and priorities
  • Implications of proposals for offshore wind buildout beyond this RFP
  • Potential for other states to leverage Massachusetts’ Section 83C procurement to secure scale economies

The second part of the webinar took a step back to examine several of the larger initiatives and drivers for offshore wind procurement in the Northeast, including detailing:

  • Over 1,000 MW of upcoming offshore wind procurements recently announced in Connecticut and New York, and potential procurements in Rhode Island and New Jersey
  • Anbaric’s recently proposed 2,400 MW HVDC “Massachusetts Ocean Grid” offshore transmission system
  • BOEM’s plans for offering additional offshore wind leases for New York and Massachusetts Federal waters

Finally, we summarized the latest benchmarks and studies driving offshore wind contract price expectations at scale.

Interested in purchasing the webinar materials? Please contact us. The webinar materials include the audio recording and a presentation PDF. The cost for the webinar materials is $95, with a discounted price of $65 for government and non-profit entities.