Mission and Approach

SEA Mission

Mission: Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy means many things. It is physically sustainable, that is, naturally replenished and therefore cannot be exhausted. It is environmentally sustainable, so does not degrade air, water, land, or ecosystems, impair public health, exacerbate global climate change, or pass off risks of today’s energy use to subsequent generations. It is economically sustainable, minimizing life cycle costs, contributing to a diverse and stable and affordable energy portfolio, and often keeping a greater share of energy dollars in local economies. It also can contribute to a more reliable energy supply, insulated from physical disruption (not overly dependent on the integrity of power plants, pipelines, boat or rail shipments, or electric transmission from afar), as well as from economic disruption (regional, national or global scarcity). And it is politically sustainable, not requiring military intervention to ensure supply. An increasing role for sustainable energy from wind, sun, wind, water, wave, biomass, or geothermal plays is an imperative part of a sustainable future.

Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC focuses exclusively on surmounting the barriers and tapping the potential of clean, renewable energy sources. As a result, we can bring an unparalleled level of focus, knowledge, experience, expertise, insight and credibility to the challenges faced by our clientele.

Approach: Sustainable Advantage

Our unique approach to problem solving provides our clients with a sustainable advantage. We look beyond short-term success to identify sustainable advantage.

Analytical Foundation.

You cannot see an attainable future through rose-colored glasses. We are first and foremost analysts, and support our efforts, whether strategic initiatives, business ventures, or effective public policy, with a strong analytical foundation. We combine assessments of best practices in our field of expertise to a client’s particular circumstances to understand what may work, what may not, and why.

SEA Approach
Interdisciplinary Approach.

The most challenging issues and problems facing society cross the boundaries of discipline. Our training is interdisciplinary, based in science and engineering, economics, and public policy. And Sustainable Energy Advantage prides itself in broad range of functional experience: research, power supply planning, analysis and modeling, rate design, regulatory economics, finance, engineering, business, and negotiation. We regularly work with business decision-makers, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and policymakers. For buyers and sellers in wholesale and retail markets. For developers, generators, utilities, marketers, retailers, aggregators, regulators, advocates, tracking and verification systems, certifiers, and renewable energy trust funds. Building businesses, policies and market infrastructure. And supporting small startups to some of the largest energy companies in the world.


This unique blend of training and experience has allowed Sustainable Energy Advantage to quickly assess and surround a problem, see it from all relevant perspectives, anticipate and take into account the positions of the full range of stakeholders in policy arena, and both buyers or sellers in transaction negotiations.


Beyond fostering understanding and insight, interdisciplinary training and experience has made Sustainable Energy Advantage particularly adept at providing expert input in multi-stakeholder situations, while being seen as credible by wide range of stakeholders with competing/conflicting interests.

Cutting Edge.

We pride ourselves with staying in touch with cutting edge developments, looking beyond the mainstream to understand and establish the next frontier. We don’t shy away from something just because it’s never been done before.

Prior to founding Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC, Sustainable Energy Advantage’s founder was involved in the first efforts to restructure wholesale and retail electric markets, the first effort at a truly open-access transmission tariff; the first functional unbundling and power plant divesture in the U.S. electric industry. He founded first “green power” marketing effort in the eastern U.S., and created the first offering in a competitive market of what later came to be known as renewable energy credits.

Sustainable Energy Advantage supported implementation of the first renewable portfolio standard in an interstate market, the first comprehensive generation information system for accounting and tracking all generation attributes created in an electricity market, and the first renewable energy product rating and certification regimes. We helped clients develop the first “green power” offerings in several states, negotiate some of the first renewable power contracts outside of the monopoly utility environment, and some of the first renewable energy procurements of their kinds. Today, we are developing new models for financing renewable generation plants in competitive market environments while pioneering efforts to tap the hedge value of renewable energy for retail customers.

Action Orientation.

We relish the opportunity to follow up development of strategy and tactics to supporting successful implementation of ideas and approaches we help develop. And because the world doesn’t afford us the luxury of complacency, we help generate the feedback and self-assessment necessary to foster continuous improvement.